Music Games

This is a list of songs included in all of the following music games released on PS2:

  1. Guitar Hero
  2. Guitar Hero II
  3. Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
  4. Guitar Hero World Tour
  5. Guitar Hero 5
  6. Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s
  7. Guitar Hero: Aerosmith
  8. Guitar Hero: Metallica
  9. Guitar Hero: Van Halen
  10. Guitar Hero: Smash Hits
  11. Band Hero
  12. Rock Band
  13. Rock Band 2
  14. Rock Band Track Pack Volume 1
  15. Rock Band Track Pack Volume 2
  16. AC/DC Live: Rock Band Track Pack
YearDecadeOriginal ArtistSong TitleYouTubeGame
1997'90s311Beautiful Disaster[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
1981'80s.38 SpecialHold on Loosely[link]Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s
2000'00s3 Doors DownKryptonite[link]Guitar Hero 5
2002'00s3 Doors DownWhen I'm Gone[link]Band Hero
1982'80sA Flock of SeagullsI Ran (So Far Away)[link]Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s
2000'00sA Perfect CircleJudith[link]Guitar Hero 5
2000s'00sAbnormalityVisions[link]Rock Band 2
1970s'70sAC/DCDirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (Live)[link]AC/DC Live: Rock Band Track Pack
1970s'70sAC/DCHell Ain't a Bad Place to Be (Live)[link]AC/DC Live: Rock Band Track Pack
1970s'70sAC/DCHigh Voltage (Live)[link]AC/DC Live: Rock Band Track Pack
1970s'70sAC/DCHighway to Hell (Live)[link]AC/DC Live: Rock Band Track Pack
1970s'70sAC/DCJailbreak (Live)[link]AC/DC Live: Rock Band Track Pack
1970s'70sAC/DCLet There Be Rock[link]Rock Band 2
1970s'70sAC/DCLet There Be Rock (Live)[link]AC/DC Live: Rock Band Track Pack
1970s'70sAC/DCT.N.T. (Live)[link]AC/DC Live: Rock Band Track Pack
1970s'70sAC/DCThe Jack (Live)[link]AC/DC Live: Rock Band Track Pack
1970s'70sAC/DCWhole Lotta Rosie (Live)[link]AC/DC Live: Rock Band Track Pack
1980s'80sAC/DCBack in Black (Live)[link]AC/DC Live: Rock Band Track Pack
1980s'80sAC/DCFor Those About to Rock (We Salute You) (Live)[link]AC/DC Live: Rock Band Track Pack
1980s'80sAC/DCHeatseeker (Live)[link]AC/DC Live: Rock Band Track Pack
1980s'80sAC/DCHells Bells (Live)[link]AC/DC Live: Rock Band Track Pack
1980s'80sAC/DCShoot to Thrill (Live)[link]AC/DC Live: Rock Band Track Pack
1980s'80sAC/DCYou Shook Me All Night Long (Live)[link]AC/DC Live: Rock Band Track Pack
1990s'90sAC/DCFire Your Guns (Live)[link]AC/DC Live: Rock Band Track Pack
1990s'90sAC/DCMoneytalks (Live)[link]AC/DC Live: Rock Band Track Pack
1990s'90sAC/DCThunderstruck (Live)[link]AC/DC Live: Rock Band Track Pack
1984'80sAcceptBalls to the Wall[link]Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s
1974'70sAerosmithPandora's Box[link]Guitar Hero: Aerosmith
1974'70sAerosmithSame Old Song and Dance[link]Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
1974'70sAerosmithTrain Kept A-Rollin'[link]Guitar Hero: Aerosmith
1975'70sAerosmithSweet Emotion[link]Guitar Hero: Aerosmith
1975'70sAerosmithToys in the Attic[link]Guitar Hero: Aerosmith
1975'70sAerosmithUncle Salty[link]Guitar Hero: Aerosmith
1975'70sAerosmithWalk This Way[link]Guitar Hero: Aerosmith
1976'70sAerosmithBack in the Saddle[link]Guitar Hero: Aerosmith
1976'70sAerosmithCombination[link]Guitar Hero: Aerosmith
1976'70sAerosmithLast Child[link]Guitar Hero II
1976'70sAerosmithNobody's Fault[link]Guitar Hero: Aerosmith
1976'70sAerosmithRats in the Cellar[link]Guitar Hero: Aerosmith
1977'70sAerosmithBack in the Saddle[link]Guitar Hero: Smash Hits - Guitar Hero: Aerosmith
1977'70sAerosmithBright Light Fright[link]Guitar Hero: Aerosmith
1977'70sAerosmithDraw the Line[link]Guitar Hero: Aerosmith
1977'70sAerosmithKings and Queens[link]Guitar Hero: Aerosmith
1979'70sAerosmithNo Surprize[link]Guitar Hero: Aerosmith
1985'80sAerosmithLet the Music Do the Talking[link]Guitar Hero: Aerosmith
1987'80sAerosmithRag Doll[link]Guitar Hero: Aerosmith
1989'80sAerosmithLove in an Elevator[link]Guitar Hero: Aerosmith
1993'90sAerosmithLivin' on the Edge[link]Guitar Hero: Aerosmith
1998'90sAerosmithPink[link]Guitar Hero: Aerosmith
2001'00sAerosmithBeyond Beautiful[link]Guitar Hero: Aerosmith
2008'00sAerosmithDream On[link]Guitar Hero: Aerosmith
2008'00sAerosmithMake It[link]Guitar Hero: Aerosmith
2008'00sAerosmithMama Kin[link]Guitar Hero: Aerosmith
2008'00sAerosmithMovin' Out[link]Guitar Hero: Aerosmith
1970s'70sAerosmithTrain Kept A-Rollin'[link]Rock Band 1
1986'80sAerosmith featuring Run-D.M.C.Walk This Way[link]Guitar Hero: Aerosmith
2006'00sAFIMiss Murder[link]Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
2006'00sAFIMiss Murder[link]Guitar Hero: Smash Hits - Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
2009'00sAFIMedicate[link]Guitar Hero 5
2000s'00sAFIGirl's Not Grey[link]Rock Band 2
2008'00sAirborne Toxic EventGasoline[link]Band Hero
2007'00sAirbourneToo Much, Too Young, Too Fast[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
1990s'90sAlanis MorissetteYou Oughta Know[link]Rock Band 2
1972'70sAlice CooperSchool's Out[link]Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
1992'90sAlice in ChainsThem Bones[link]Guitar Hero II
1992'90sAlice in ChainsThem Bones[link]Guitar Hero: Smash Hits - Guitar Hero II
1994'90sAlice in ChainsNo Excuses[link]Guitar Hero: Metallica
1990s'90sAlice in ChainsMan in the Box[link]Rock Band 2
2005'00sAll That RemainsSix[link]Guitar Hero II
2005'00sAll-American RejectsDirty Little Secret[link]Band Hero
2008'00sAlphabeatFascination[link]Band Hero
2007'00sAlter BridgeCome to Life[link]Guitar Hero: Van Halen
2007'00sAly & AJLike Whoa[link]Band Hero
2007'00sAn Endless SporadicImpulse[link]Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
2005'00sAnarchy ClubBehind the Mask[link]Guitar Hero I
2006'00sAnarchy ClubCollide[link]Guitar Hero II
2000s'00sAnarchy ClubBlood Doll[link]Rock Band 1
2000s'00sAnarchy ClubGet Clean[link]Rock Band 2
2006'00sAngels & AirwavesThe Adventure[link]Band Hero
2000s'00sAngels & AirwavesIt Hurts[link]Rock Band Track Pack Volume 2
2007'00sAnoukGood God[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
1985'80sAnthraxMadhouse[link]Guitar Hero II
1987'80sAnthraxCaught in a Mosh[link]Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s
1987'80sAnthraxCaught in a Mosh[link]Guitar Hero: Smash Hits - Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s
2007'00sArctic MonkeysBrianstorm[link]Guitar Hero 5
2005'00sArtilleryThe Breaking Wheel[link]Guitar Hero I
1982'80sAsiaHeat of the Moment[link]Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s
2000'00sAt the Drive-InOne Armed Scissor[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
2008'00sAttack! Attack!You and Me[link]Guitar Hero 5
2002'00sAudioslaveCochise[link]Guitar Hero I
2005'00sAvenged SevenfoldBeast and the Harlot[link]Guitar Hero: Smash Hits - Guitar Hero II
2006'00sAvenged SevenfoldBeast and the Harlot[link]Guitar Hero II
2000s'00sAvenged SevenfoldAfterlife[link]Rock Band Track Pack Volume 2
2000s'00sAvenged SevenfoldAlmost Easy[link]Rock Band 2
2003'00sBackyard BabiesMinus Celsius[link]Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
1970s'70sBad CompanyShooting Star[link]Rock Band 2
1994'90sBad ReligionInfected[link]Guitar Hero I
2007'00sBand of HorsesCigarettes, Wedding Bands[link]Guitar Hero 5
2006'00sBang CamaroPush Push (Lady Lightning)[link]Guitar Hero II
2000s'00sBang CamaroNight Lies[link]Rock Band 2
2000s'00sBang CamaroPleasure (Pleasure)[link]Rock Band 1
1992'90sBeastie BoysGratitude[link]Guitar Hero 5
1994'90sBeastie BoysSabotage[link]Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
1990s'90sBeastie BoysSabotage[link]Rock Band 1
1990s'90sBeastie BoysSo What'cha Want[link]Rock Band 2
1986'80sBeastie Boys featuring Kerry KingNo Sleep Till Brooklyn[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
2008'00sBeatsteaksHail to the Freaks[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
2008'00sBeckGamma Ray[link]Guitar Hero 5
2000s'00sBeckE-Pro[link]Rock Band 2
1999'90sBen Harper and the Innocent CriminalsSteal My Kisses[link]Band Hero
1983'80sBig CountryIn a Big Country[link]Band Hero
1990s'90sBikini KillRebel Girl[link]Rock Band 2
1982'80sBilly IdolDancing with Myself[link]Guitar Hero 5
1982'80sBilly IdolWhite Wedding (Part 1)[link]Guitar Hero: Van Halen
1984'80sBilly IdolRebel Yell[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
1980s'80sBilly IdolWhite Wedding (Part 1)[link]Rock Band 2
1981'80sBilly SquierLonely Is the Night[link]Guitar Hero 5
1981'80sBilly SquierLonely Is the Night[link]Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s
2003'00sBlack Label SocietyStillborn[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
2005'00sBlack Label SocietyFire it Up[link]Guitar Hero I
2007'00sBlack Rebel Motorcycle ClubWeapon of Choice[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
1970'70sBlack SabbathIron Man[link]Guitar Hero I
1970'70sBlack SabbathParanoid[link]Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
1970'70sBlack SabbathWar Pigs[link]Guitar Hero II
1970s'70sBlack SabbathParanoid[link]Rock Band 1
1997'90sBlink-182Dammit[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
2001'00sBlink-182First Date[link]Guitar Hero: Van Halen
2001'00sBlink-182The Rock Show[link]Guitar Hero 5
1990s'90sBlink-182All the Small Things[link]Rock Band Track Pack Volume 1
2004'00sBloc PartyHelicopter[link]Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
1978'70sBlondieOne Way or Another[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
1970s'70sBlondieOne Way or Another[link]Rock Band 2
1980s'80sBlondieCall Me[link]Rock Band Track Pack Volume 2
1972'70sBlue Öyster CultCities on Flame with Rock and Roll[link]Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
1977'70sBlue Öyster CultGodzilla[link]Guitar Hero I
1977'70sBlue Öyster CultGodzilla[link]Guitar Hero: Smash Hits - Guitar Hero I
1970s'70sBlue Öyster Cult(Don't Fear) The Reaper[link]Rock Band 1
1997'90sBlurSong 2[link]Guitar Hero 5
1967'60sBob DylanAll Along the Watchtower[link]Guitar Hero 5
1970s'70sBob DylanTangled Up in Blue[link]Rock Band 2
1976'70sBob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandTurn the Page (Live)[link]Guitar Hero: Metallica
1978'70sBob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandHollywood Nights[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
1986'80sBon JoviLivin' on a Prayer[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
1986'80sBon JoviYou Give Love a Bad Name[link]Guitar Hero 5
1980s'80sBon JoviLivin' on a Prayer[link]Rock Band 2
1980s'80sBon JoviWanted Dead or Alive[link]Rock Band 1
1976'70sBostonMore Than a Feeling[link]Guitar Hero I
1976'70sBostonMore Than a Feeling[link]Guitar Hero: Smash Hits - Guitar Hero I
1970s'70sBostonForeplay/Long Time[link]Rock Band 1
1970s'70sBostonMore Than a Feeling[link]Rock Band Track Pack Volume 1
2006'00sBrand NewSowing Season (Yeah)[link]Guitar Hero 5
2000s'00sBreaking WheelShoulder to the Plow[link]Rock Band 2
2006'00sBret Michaels BandGo That Far[link]Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
2004'00sBrian KahanekGemini[link]Guitar Hero II
2006'00sBucketheadJordan[link]Guitar Hero II
2007'00sBullet for My ValentineScream Aim Fire[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
2004'00sBurning BridesHeart Full of Black[link]Guitar Hero I
1994'90sBushComedown[link]Guitar Hero 5
1974'70sCarl DouglasKung Fu Fighting[link]Band Hero
1978'70sCheap TrickSurrender[link]Guitar Hero II
1979'70sCheap TrickDream Police[link]Guitar Hero: Aerosmith
1979'70sCheap TrickI Want You to Want Me (Live)[link]Band Hero
1970s'70sCheap TrickHello There[link]Rock Band 2
2008'00sChildren of BodomDone with Everything, Die for Nothing[link]Guitar Hero 5
2000s'00sCoheed and CambriaWelcome Home[link]Rock Band 1
2007'00sCold War KidsHang Me Up to Dry[link]Band Hero
2000'00sColdplayShiver[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
2002'00sColdplayIn My Place[link]Guitar Hero 5
2006'00sCorinne Bailey RaePut Your Records On[link]Band Hero
1994'90sCorrosion of ConformityAlbatross[link]Guitar Hero: Metallica
2005'00sCount ZeroSail Your Ship By[link]Guitar Hero I
2006'00sCount ZeroRadium Eyes[link]Guitar Hero II
1996'90sCounting CrowsAngels of the Silences[link]Band Hero
1968'60sCreamCrossroads[link]Guitar Hero I
1968'60sCreamSunshine of Your Love[link]Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
1970'70sCreedence Clearwater RevivalUp Around the Bend[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
2000s'00sCrooked XNightmare[link]Rock Band 1
1982'80sCulture ClubDo You Really Want to Hurt Me[link]Band Hero
1988'80sDanzigMother[link]Guitar Hero II
1988'80sDanzigMother[link]Guitar Hero: Smash Hits - Guitar Hero II
2008'00sDarker My LoveBlue Day[link]Guitar Hero 5
2007'00sDarkest HourDemon(s)[link]Guitar Hero 5
2003'00sDashboard ConfessionalHands Down[link]Band Hero
1972'70sDavid BowieZiggy Stardust[link]Guitar Hero I
1975'70sDavid BowieFame[link]Guitar Hero 5
1983'80sDavid BowieLet's Dance[link]Band Hero
1970s'70sDavid BowieMoonage Daydream[link]Rock Band Track Pack Volume 1
1970s'70sDavid BowieSuffragette City[link]Rock Band 1
1980'80sDead KennedysHoliday in Cambodia[link]Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
1980'80sDead KennedysPolice Truck[link]Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s
2000s'00sDeath of the CoolCan't Let Go[link]Rock Band 1
1972'70sDeep PurpleSmoke on the Water[link]Guitar Hero I
1972'70sDeep PurpleSpace Truckin'[link]Guitar Hero: Van Halen
1973'70sDeep PurpleSmoke on the Water[link]Guitar Hero: Smash Hits - Guitar Hero I
1999'90sDeep PurpleWoman From Tokyo ('99 Remix)[link]Guitar Hero 5
1970s'70sDeep PurpleHighway Star[link]Rock Band 1
2006'00sDethklokThunderhorse[link]Guitar Hero II
1980'80sDevoWhip It[link]Band Hero
1970s'70sDevoUncontrollable Urge[link]Rock Band 2
2000s'00sDevoGirl U Want[link]Rock Band Track Pack Volume 2
1982'80sDiamond HeadAm I Evil?[link]Guitar Hero: Metallica
1962'60sDick DaleMisirlou[link]Guitar Hero II
1988'80sDie Toten HosenHier kommt Alex[link]Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
2005'00sDinFly on the Wall[link]Guitar Hero I
1994'90sDinosaur Jr.Feel the Pain[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
1990s'90sDinosaur Jr.Feel the Pain[link]Rock Band 2
1983'80sDioHoly Diver[link]Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s
1978'70sDire StraitsSultans of Swing[link]Guitar Hero 5
2005'00sDisturbedStricken[link]Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
2000s'00sDisturbedDown with the Sickness[link]Rock Band 2
2000s'00sDisturbedIndestructible[link]Rock Band Track Pack Volume 2
1971'70sDon McLeanAmerican Pie[link]Band Hero
2007'00sDopeNothing for Me Here[link]Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
2006'00sDragonForceThrough the Fire and Flames[link]Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
2006'00sDragonForceThrough the Fire and Flames[link]Guitar Hero: Smash Hits - Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
1992'90sDream TheaterPull Me Under[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
2000s'00sDream TheaterPanic Attack[link]Rock Band 2
2005'00sDristDecontrol[link]Guitar Hero I
2006'00sDristArterial Black[link]Guitar Hero II
2008'00sDuffyWarwick Avenue[link]Band Hero
1982'80sDuran DuranHungry Like the Wolf[link]Guitar Hero 5
1982'80sDuran DuranRio[link]Band Hero
1980s'80sDuran DuranHungry Like the Wolf[link]Rock Band 2
1980s'80sDuran DuranRio[link]Rock Band Track Pack Volume 2
1976'70sEaglesHotel California[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
2008'00sEagles of Death MetalWannabe in L.A.[link]Guitar Hero 5
1982'80sEddie MoneyShakin'[link]Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s
2000'00sElliott SmithL.A.[link]Guitar Hero 5
1973'70sElton JohnSaturday Night's Alright for Fighting[link]Guitar Hero 5
1970s'70sElvis CostelloPump It Up[link]Rock Band 2
1990'90sEric JohnsonCliffs of Dover[link]Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
2003'00sEvanescenceBring Me to Life[link]Band Hero
1995'90sEverclearSanta Monica[link]Band Hero
2006'00sEvery Time I DieThe New Black[link]Guitar Hero II
1989'80sExtremePlay with Me[link]Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s
1989'80sExtremePlay with Me[link]Guitar Hero: Smash Hits - Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s
1995'90sFace to FaceDisconnected[link]Guitar Hero 5
1980s'80sFaith No MoreEpic[link]Rock Band 1
1980s'80sFaith No MoreWe Care a Lot[link]Rock Band Track Pack Volume 1
2005'00sFall Out BoySugar, We're Goin Down[link]Band Hero
2000s'00sFall Out BoyDead on Arrival[link]Rock Band 1
2000s'00sFall Out BoyThis Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race[link]Rock Band Track Pack Volume 2
1987'80sFaster PussycatBathroom Wall[link]Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s
1995'90sFilterHey Man, Nice Shot[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
1999'90sFilterTake a Picture[link]Band Hero
2007'00sFinger ElevenParalyzer[link]Band Hero
1977'70sFleetwood MacGo Your Own Way[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
1970s'70sFleetwood MacGo Your Own Way[link]Rock Band 2
2000s'00sFlyleafI'm So Sick[link]Rock Band 1
1975'70sFoghatSlow Ride[link]Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
1997'90sFoo FightersEverlong[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
1997'90sFoo FightersMonkey Wrench[link]Guitar Hero II
1997'90sFoo FightersMonkey Wrench[link]Guitar Hero: Smash Hits - Guitar Hero II
1999'90sFoo FightersStacked Actors[link]Guitar Hero: Metallica
2005'00sFoo FightersBest of You[link]Guitar Hero: Van Halen
1990s'90sFoo FightersEverlong[link]Rock Band 2
1990s'90sFoo FightersLearn to Fly[link]Rock Band 1
1978'70sForeignerDouble Vision[link]Guitar Hero: Van Halen
2003'00sFountains of WayneStacy's Mom[link]Guitar Hero: Van Halen
2004'00sFranz FerdinandTake Me Out[link]Guitar Hero I
2004'00sFranz FerdinandTake Me Out[link]Guitar Hero: Smash Hits - Guitar Hero I
2001'00sFreezepopGet Ready 2 Rokk[link]Guitar Hero I
2006'00sFreezepopLess Talk More Rokk[link]Guitar Hero II
2000s'00sFreezepopBrainpower[link]Rock Band 1
2006'00sGallowsIn the Belly of a Shark[link]Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
1995'90sGarbageOnly Happy When It Rains[link]Guitar Hero 5
1990s'90sGarbageI Think I'm Paranoid[link]Rock Band 1
2000s'00sGarbageWhy Do You Love Me[link]Rock Band Track Pack Volume 2
2005'00sGorillazFeel Good Inc.[link]Guitar Hero 5
2006'00sGov't MuleStreamline Woman[link]Guitar Hero 5
1973'70sGrand Funk RailroadWe're an American Band[link]Guitar Hero 5
1970s'70sGrateful DeadTruckin'[link]Rock Band Track Pack Volume 1
2005'00sGraveyard BBQCheat on the Church[link]Guitar Hero I
1987'80sGuns N' RosesSweet Child o' Mine[link]Guitar Hero II
1987'80sGuns N' RosesWelcome to the Jungle[link]Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
2000s'00sGuns N' RosesShackler's Revenge[link]Rock Band 2
1976'70sHeartCrazy on You[link]Guitar Hero II
1977'70sHeartBarracuda[link]Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
1977'70sHeartBarracuda[link]Guitar Hero: Smash Hits - Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
2005'00sHellacoptersI'm in the Band[link]Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
1992'90sHelmetUnsung[link]Guitar Hero I
1992'90sHelmetUnsung (Live in Chicago)[link]Guitar Hero: Smash Hits - Guitar Hero I
1995'90sHéroes del SilencioAvalancha[link]Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
2003'00sHilary DuffSo Yesterday[link]Band Hero
2006'00sHinderLips of an Angel[link]Band Hero
1990s'90sHoleCelebrity Skin[link]Rock Band 1
2004'00sHonest Bob and the Factory-to-Dealer IncentivesHey[link]Guitar Hero I
2006'00sHonest Bob and the Factory-to-Dealer IncentivesSoy Bomb[link]Guitar Hero II
2000s'00sHonest Bob and the Factory-to-Dealer IncentivesI Get By[link]Rock Band 1
2005'00sHushPuppiesYou're Gonna Say Yeah![link]Guitar Hero World Tour
1993'90sIggy PopLust for Life (Live)[link]Guitar Hero 5
1973'70sIggy Pop and the StoogesSearch and Destroy[link]Guitar Hero II
2006'00sIn FlamesTake This Life[link]Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
1999'90sIncubusStellar[link]Guitar Hero I
2000'00sIncubusStellar[link]Guitar Hero: Smash Hits - Guitar Hero I
2002'00sInterpolObstacle 1[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
2000s'00sInterpolPDA[link]Rock Band 2
1981'80sIron MaidenWrathchild[link]Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s
1982'80sIron MaidenThe Number of the Beast[link]Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
1983'80sIron MaidenThe Trooper[link]Guitar Hero: Smash Hits - Guitar Hero II (Xbox 360)
1984'80sIron Maiden2 Minutes to Midnight[link]Guitar Hero 5
1980s'80sIron MaidenRun to the Hills[link]Rock Band 1
1988'80sJane's AddictionMountain Song[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
1990'90sJane's AddictionStop[link]Guitar Hero II
1990'90sJane's AddictionStop![link]Guitar Hero: Smash Hits - Guitar Hero II
1980s'80sJane's AddictionMountain Song[link]Rock Band 2
1990'90sJanet JacksonBlack Cat[link]Band Hero
2008'00sJeff BeckScatterbrain (Live)[link]Guitar Hero 5
2004'00sJesse McCartneyBeautiful Soul[link]Band Hero
2000s'00sJetAre You Gonna Be My Girl[link]Rock Band 1
1970s'70sJethro TullAqualung[link]Rock Band 2
2001'00sJimmy Eat WorldBleed American[link]Guitar Hero 5
2001'00sJimmy Eat WorldThe Middle[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
2004'00sJimmy Eat WorldPain[link]Guitar Hero: Van Halen
2000s'00sJimmy Eat WorldThe Middle[link]Rock Band 2
1981'80sJoan JettBad Reputation[link]Band Hero
1988'80sJoan JettI Hate Myself for Loving You[link]Guitar Hero: Aerosmith
1980s'80sJoan JettBad Reputation[link]Rock Band 2
1982'80sJoan Jett & the BlackheartsI Love Rock 'n Roll[link]Guitar Hero I
1982'80sJoan Jett & the BlackheartsI Love Rock 'n Roll[link]Guitar Hero: Smash Hits - Guitar Hero I
2005'00sJoe PerryMercy[link]Guitar Hero: Aerosmith
2005'00sJoe PerryShakin' My Cage[link]Guitar Hero: Aerosmith
2005'00sJoe PerryTalk Talkin[link]Guitar Hero: Aerosmith
2008'00sJoe PerryJoe Perry Guitar Battle[link]Guitar Hero: Aerosmith
1987'80sJoe SatrianiSatch Boogie[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
1982'80sJohn MellencampHurts So Good[link]Guitar Hero 5
1963'60sJohnny CashRing of Fire[link]Guitar Hero 5
2004'00sJoss StoneYou Had Me[link]Band Hero
1980s'80sJourneyAny Way You Want It[link]Rock Band 2
1978'70sJudas PriestHell Bent for Leather[link]Guitar Hero: Metallica
1982'80sJudas PriestElectric Eye[link]Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s
1982'80sJudas PriestElectric Eye[link]Guitar Hero: Smash Hits - Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s
1982'80sJudas PriestYou've Got Another Thing Comin'[link]Guitar Hero I
1990'90sJudas PriestPainkiller[link]Guitar Hero: Van Halen
1980s'80sJudas PriestYou've Got Another Thing Comin'[link]Rock Band Track Pack Volume 2
1990s'90sJudas PriestPainkiller[link]Rock Band 2
2007'00sKaiser ChiefsRuby[link]Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
2008'00sKaiser ChiefsNever Miss a Beat[link]Guitar Hero 5
1976'70sKansasCarry On Wayward Son[link]Guitar Hero II
1976'70sKansasCarry On Wayward Son[link]Guitar Hero: Smash Hits - Guitar Hero II
1970s'70sKansasCarry On Wayward Son[link]Rock Band 2
1985'80sKatrina and the WavesWalking on Sunshine[link]Band Hero
2002'00sKentVinterNoll2[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
2004'00sKillswitch EngageThe End of Heartache[link]Guitar Hero: Van Halen
2006'00sKillswitch EngageMy Curse[link]Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
1969'60sKing Crimson21st Century Schizoid Man[link]Guitar Hero 5
2008'00sKings of LeonSex on Fire[link]Guitar Hero 5
1974'70sKissStrutter[link]Guitar Hero II
1975'70sKissRock and Roll All Nite[link]Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
1976'70sKissRock and Roll All Nite[link]Guitar Hero: Smash Hits - Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
1976'70sKissShout It Out Loud[link]Guitar Hero 5
1970s'70sKissCalling Dr. Love[link]Rock Band Track Pack Volume 1
1970s'70sKissDetroit Rock City[link]Rock Band 1
1998'90sKornFreak on a Leash[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
1984'80sKrokusBallroom Blitz[link]Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s
2005'00sKT TunstallBlack Horse and the Cherry Tree[link]Band Hero
1994'90sKyussDemon Cleaner[link]Guitar Hero: Metallica
2007'00sL.A. Slum LordsDown 'n Dirty[link]Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
1990s'90sL7Pretend We're Dead[link]Rock Band 2
2006'00sLacuna CoilCloser[link]Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
2006'00sLacuna CoilOur Truth[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
2000s'00sLacuna CoilOur Truth[link]Rock Band 2
2004'00sLamb of GodLaid to Rest[link]Guitar Hero II
2004'00sLamb of GodLaid to Rest[link]Guitar Hero: Smash Hits - Guitar Hero II
1993'90sLenny KravitzAre You Gonna Go My Way[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
1995'90sLenny KravitzRock and Roll Is Dead[link]Guitar Hero: Van Halen
1991'90sLenny Kravitz and SlashAlways on the Run[link]Guitar Hero: Aerosmith
2000s'00sLibyansWelcome to the Neighborhood[link]Rock Band 2
2006'00sLily AllenTake What You Take[link]Band Hero
2003'00sLimozeenBecause, It's Midnite[link]Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s
2007'00sLinkin ParkWhat I've Done[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
2000s'00sLinkin ParkOne Step Closer[link]Rock Band 2
2007'00sLionsMetal Heavy Lady[link]Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
1990s'90sLitMy Own Worst Enemy[link]Rock Band 2
2007'00sLiving ColourCult of Personality[link]Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
2007'00sLiving ColourCult of Personality[link]Guitar Hero: Smash Hits - Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
1987'80sLos LobosLa Bamba[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
2006'00sLostprophetsRooftops (A Liberation Broadcast)[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
2008'00sLove and RocketsMirror People[link]Guitar Hero 5
1990s'90sLushDe-Luxe[link]Rock Band 2
1973'70sLynyrd SkynyrdFree Bird[link]Guitar Hero II
1973'70sLynyrd SkynyrdFree Bird[link]Guitar Hero: Smash Hits - Guitar Hero II
1973'70sLynyrd SkynyrdTuesday's Gone[link]Guitar Hero: Metallica
1974'70sLynyrd SkynyrdSweet Home Alabama (Live)[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
1970s'70sLynyrd SkynyrdGimme Three Steps[link]Rock Band Track Pack Volume 1
1970s'70sLynyrd SkynyrdSimple Man[link]Rock Band Track Pack Volume 2
2007'00sMachine HeadBeautiful Mourning[link]Guitar Hero: Metallica
2005'00sMade in MexicoFarewell Myth[link]Guitar Hero I
2006'00sMade in MexicoYes We Can[link]Guitar Hero II
2004'00sMaroon 5She Will Be Loved[link]Band Hero
1968'60sMarvin GayeI Heard It Through the Grapevine[link]Band Hero
2004'00sMastodonBlood and Thunder[link]Guitar Hero: Metallica
2000s'00sMastodonColony of Birchmen[link]Rock Band 2
2006'00sMatchbook RomanceMonsters[link]Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
1991'90sMatthew SweetGirlfriend[link]Guitar Hero II
2000s'00sMaxïmo ParkGirls Who Play Guitars[link]Rock Band Track Pack Volume 2
2008'00sMC5's Wayne KramerKick Out the Jams[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
1990'90sMegadethHangar 18[link]Guitar Hero II
1992'90sMegadethSweating Bullets[link]Guitar Hero 5
1992'90sMegadethSymphony of Destruction[link]Guitar Hero I
1980s'80sMegadethPeace Sells[link]Rock Band 2
2006'00sMegasusRed Lottery[link]Guitar Hero II
2008'00sMercyful FateEvil[link]Guitar Hero: Metallica
1983'80sMetallicaHit the Lights[link]Guitar Hero: Metallica
1983'80sMetallicaSeek & Destroy[link]Guitar Hero: Metallica
1983'80sMetallicaWhiplash[link]Guitar Hero: Metallica
1984'80sMetallicaCreeping Death[link]Guitar Hero: Metallica
1984'80sMetallicaFade to Black[link]Guitar Hero: Metallica
1984'80sMetallicaFight Fire With Fire[link]Guitar Hero: Metallica
1984'80sMetallicaFor Whom the Bell Tolls[link]Guitar Hero: Metallica
1984'80sMetallicaTrapped Under Ice[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
1986'80sMetallicaBattery[link]Guitar Hero: Metallica
1986'80sMetallicaDisposable Heroes[link]Guitar Hero: Metallica
1986'80sMetallicaMaster of Puppets[link]Guitar Hero: Metallica
1986'80sMetallicaOrion[link]Guitar Hero: Metallica
1986'80sMetallicaThe Thing That Should Not Be[link]Guitar Hero: Metallica
1986'80sMetallicaWelcome Home (Sanitarium)[link]Guitar Hero: Metallica
1988'80sMetallicaDyers Eve[link]Guitar Hero: Metallica
1988'80sMetallicaOne[link]Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
1988'80sMetallicaOne[link]Guitar Hero: Metallica
1988'80sMetallicaThe Shortest Straw[link]Guitar Hero: Metallica
1991'90sMetallicaEnter Sandman[link]Guitar Hero: Metallica
1991'90sMetallicaNothing Else Matters[link]Guitar Hero: Metallica
1991'90sMetallicaSad but True[link]Guitar Hero: Metallica
1991'90sMetallicaThe Unforgiven[link]Guitar Hero: Metallica
1991'90sMetallicaWherever I May Roam[link]Guitar Hero: Metallica
1996'90sMetallicaKing Nothing[link]Guitar Hero: Metallica
1997'90sMetallicaFuel[link]Guitar Hero: Metallica
1997'90sMetallicaThe Memory Remains[link]Guitar Hero: Metallica
1998'90sMetallicaMercyful Fate[link]Guitar Hero: Metallica
1999'90sMetallicaNo Leaf Clover[link]Guitar Hero: Metallica
2003'00sMetallicaFrantic[link]Guitar Hero: Metallica
2008'00sMetallicaAll Nightmare Long[link]Guitar Hero: Metallica
2008'00sMetallicaBroken, Beat & Scarred[link]Guitar Hero: Metallica
2008'00sMetallicaCyanide[link]Guitar Hero: Metallica
2008'00sMetallicaMy Apocalypse[link]Guitar Hero: Metallica
1980s'80sMetallicaBattery[link]Rock Band 2
1990s'90sMetallicaEnter Sandman[link]Rock Band 1
1982'80sMichael JacksonBeat It[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
1980'80sMichael Schenker GroupArmed and Ready[link]Guitar Hero: Metallica
2004'00sModest MouseFloat On[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
2000s'00sModest MouseFloat On[link]Rock Band 2
1970s'70sMolly HatchetFlirtin' with Disaster[link]Rock Band 1
2005'00sMonkey Steals the PeachGuitar Hero[link]Guitar Hero I
1983'80sMötley CrüeLooks That Kill[link]Guitar Hero 5
1983'80sMötley CrüeShout at the Devil[link]Guitar Hero II
1983'80sMötley CrüeShout at the Devil[link]Guitar Hero: Smash Hits - Guitar Hero II
2000s'00sMötley CrüeSaints of Los Angeles[link]Rock Band Track Pack Volume 2
1980'80sMotörheadAce of Spades[link]Guitar Hero I
2008'00sMotörheadAce of Spades[link]Guitar Hero: Metallica
2008'00sMotörheadOverkill[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
1980s'80sMotörheadAce of Spades '08[link]Rock Band 2
1972'70sMott the HoopleAll the Young Dudes[link]Guitar Hero: Aerosmith
1970'70sMountainMississippi Queen[link]Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
1970s'70sMountainMississippi Queen[link]Rock Band 1
2001'00sMusePlug In Baby[link]Guitar Hero 5
2006'00sMuseAssassin[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
2006'00sMuseKnights of Cydonia[link]Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
2003'00sMy Morning JacketOne Big Holiday[link]Guitar Hero 5
2002'00sN.E.R.D.Rock Star[link]Band Hero
2007'00sNaastMauvais Garçon[link]Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
2006'00sNegramaroNuvole E Lenzuola[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
2001'00sNelly FurtadoTurn Off the Light[link]Band Hero
1973'70sNew York DollsPersonality Crisis[link]Guitar Hero: Aerosmith
1990s'90sNine Inch NailsMarch of the Pigs[link]Rock Band Track Pack Volume 1
1990s'90sNine Inch NailsThe Perfect Drug[link]Rock Band Track Pack Volume 2
2000s'00sNine Inch NailsThe Hand That Feeds[link]Rock Band 1
1991'90sNirvanaSmells Like Teen Spirit[link]Guitar Hero 5
1992'90sNirvanaLithium (Live)[link]Guitar Hero 5
1993'90sNirvanaHeart-Shaped Box[link]Guitar Hero II
1993'90sNirvanaHeart-Shaped Box[link]Guitar Hero: Smash Hits - Guitar Hero II
1994'90sNirvanaAbout a Girl (Unplugged Live)[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
1990s'90sNirvanaDrain You[link]Rock Band 2
1990s'90sNirvanaIn Bloom[link]Rock Band 1
1995'90sNo DoubtDon't Speak[link]Band Hero
1995'90sNo DoubtJust a Girl[link]Band Hero
1995'90sNo DoubtSpiderwebs[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
2000'00sNo DoubtEx-Girlfriend[link]Guitar Hero 5
1992'90sNOFXSoul Doubt[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
1960s'60sNorman GreenbaumSpirit in the Sky[link]Rock Band 2
1995'90sOasisSome Might Say[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
1990s'90sOasisLive Forever[link]Rock Band Track Pack Volume 1
1981'80sOingo BoingoOnly a Lad[link]Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s
2005'00sOK GoA Million Ways[link]Band Hero
2000s'00sOK GoHere It Goes Again[link]Rock Band 1
1980'80sOzzy OsbourneCrazy Train[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
1980'80sOzzy OsbourneMr. Crowley[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
1983'80sOzzy OsbourneBark at the Moon[link]Guitar Hero I
1983'80sOzzy OsbourneBark at the Moon[link]Guitar Hero: Smash Hits - Guitar Hero I
2000s'00sPanic! at the DiscoNine in the Afternoon[link]Rock Band 2
1990'90sPanteraCowboys from Hell[link]Guitar Hero I
1991'90sPanteraCowboys from Hell (Live)[link]Guitar Hero: Smash Hits - Guitar Hero I
2009'00sPapa RoachLifeline[link]Band Hero
2000s'00sPapa RoachTime Is Running Out[link]Rock Band Track Pack Volume 2
2009'00sParachuteBack Again[link]Band Hero
2007'00sParamoreMisery Business[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
2000s'00sParamoreCrushcrushcrush[link]Rock Band Track Pack Volume 1
2000s'00sParamoreThat's What You Get[link]Rock Band 2
1979'70sPat BenatarHeartbreaker[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
1980'80sPat BenatarHit Me with Your Best Shot[link]Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
1980'80sPat BenatarHit Me with Your Best Shot[link]Guitar Hero: Smash Hits - Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
1983'80sPat BenatarLove Is a Battlefield[link]Band Hero
1991'90sPearl JamEven Flow[link]Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
1990s'90sPearl JamAlive[link]Rock Band 2
1976'70sPeter FramptonDo You Feel Like We Do? (Live)[link]Guitar Hero 5
1980s'80sPixiesMonkey Gone to Heaven[link]Rock Band Track Pack Volume 2
1980s'80sPixiesWave of Mutilation[link]Rock Band 1
1987'80sPoisonTalk Dirty to Me[link]Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
1988'80sPoisonAin't Nothin' But a Good Time[link]Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s
1988'80sPoisonEvery Rose Has Its Thorn[link]Band Hero
1988'80sPoisonNothin' but a Good Time[link]Guitar Hero: Smash Hits - Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s
1990s'90sPresidents of the United States of AmericaLump[link]Rock Band 2
2006'00sPriestessLay Down[link]Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
2006'00sPriestessLay Down[link]Guitar Hero: Smash Hits - Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
1990'90sPrimusJohn the Fisherman[link]Guitar Hero II
2006'00sPrototypeThe Way It Ends[link]Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
2009'00sPublic Enemy featuring Zakk WyldeBring the Noise 20XX[link]Guitar Hero 5
1974'70sQueenKiller Queen[link]Guitar Hero I
1974'70sQueenKiller Queen[link]Guitar Hero: Smash Hits - Guitar Hero I
1974'70sQueenStone Cold Crazy[link]Guitar Hero: Metallica
1989'80sQueenI Want It All[link]Guitar Hero: Van Halen
1982'80sQueen and David BowieUnder Pressure[link]Guitar Hero 5
2002'00sQueens of the Stone AgeNo One Knows[link]Guitar Hero I
2002'00sQueens of the Stone AgeNo One Knows[link]Guitar Hero: Smash Hits - Guitar Hero I
2007'00sQueens of the Stone Age3's & 7's[link]Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
2007'00sQueens of the Stone AgeMake It wit Chu[link]Guitar Hero 5
2007'00sQueens of the Stone AgeSick, Sick, Sick[link]Guitar Hero: Van Halen
2000s'00sQueens of the Stone AgeGo with the Flow[link]Rock Band 1
2000s'00sQueens of the Stone AgeLittle Sister[link]Rock Band Track Pack Volume 1
1983'80sQuiet Riot(Bang Your Head) Metal Health[link]Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s
1987'80sR.E.M.The One I Love[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
1980s'80sR.E.M.Orange Crush[link]Rock Band 1
1984'80sRadio FuturaEscuela de Calor[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
1990s'90sRadioheadCreep[link]Rock Band 1
1992'90sRage Against the MachineKilling in the Name[link]Guitar Hero II
1992'90sRage Against the MachineKilling in the Name[link]Guitar Hero: Smash Hits - Guitar Hero II
1996'90sRage Against the MachineBulls on Parade[link]Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
1990s'90sRage Against the MachineTestify[link]Rock Band 2
1997'90sRammsteinDu Hast[link]Guitar Hero 5
1978'70sRamonesI Wanna Be Sedated[link]Guitar Hero I
1970s'70sRamonesBlitzkrieg Bop[link]Rock Band 1
1970s'70sRamonesTeenage Lobotomy[link]Rock Band Track Pack Volume 1
1984'80sRattRound and Round[link]Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s
1984'80sRattRound and Round[link]Guitar Hero: Smash Hits - Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s
1980s'80sRattRound and Round[link]Rock Band 2
1989'80sRed Hot Chili PeppersHigher Ground[link]Guitar Hero I
1991'90sRed Hot Chili PeppersSuck My Kiss[link]Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
1990s'90sRed Hot Chili PeppersGive It Away[link]Rock Band 2
2000s'00sRed Hot Chili PeppersDani California[link]Rock Band 1
2000s'00sRed Hot Chili PeppersSnow ((Hey Oh))[link]Rock Band Track Pack Volume 2
1990'90sReverend Horton HeatPsychobilly Freakout[link]Guitar Hero II
1990'90sReverend Horton HeatPsychobilly Freakout[link]Guitar Hero: Smash Hits - Guitar Hero II
2005'00sRevolverheldGeneration Rock[link]Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
2006'00sRise AgainstPrayer of the Refugee[link]Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
2008'00sRise AgainstRe-Education (Through Labor)[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
2000s'00sRise AgainstGive It All[link]Rock Band 2
2000'00sRobbie Williams and Kylie MinogueKids[link]Band Hero
2008'00sRose Hill DriveSneak Out[link]Guitar Hero 5
1964'60sRoy OrbisonOh, Pretty Woman[link]Band Hero
1985'80sRun-D.M.C.King of Rock[link]Guitar Hero: Aerosmith
1980'80sRushThe Spirit of Radio (Live)[link]Guitar Hero 5
1981'80sRushYYZ[link]Guitar Hero II
1981'80sRushYYZ[link]Guitar Hero: Smash Hits - Guitar Hero II
1970s'70sRushThe Trees (Vault Edition)[link]Rock Band 2
1980s'80sRushTom Sawyer[link]Rock Band 1
1986'80sSamhainMother of Mercy[link]Guitar Hero: Metallica
1970'70sSantanaBlack Magic Woman[link]Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
1993'90sSantanaNo One to Depend On (Live)[link]Guitar Hero 5
2008'00sSantigoldL.E.S. Artistes[link]Band Hero
1984'80sScandalThe Warrior[link]Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s
2008'00sScars on BroadwayThey Say[link]Guitar Hero 5
1982'80sScorpionsNo One Like You[link]Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s
1984'80sScorpionsRock You Like a Hurricane[link]Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
2006'00sScouts of St. SebastianIn Love[link]Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
1992'90sScreaming TreesNearly Lost You[link]Guitar Hero 5
2006'00sSenses FailCan't Be Saved[link]Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
2007'00sSex PistolsAnarchy in the U.K.[link]Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
2008'00sSex PistolsPretty Vacant[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
2004'00sShadows FallThe Light That Blinds[link]Guitar Hero II
2005'00sShaimusAll of This[link]Guitar Hero I
2007'00sSilversun PickupsLazy Eye[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
2000s'00sSilversun PickupsLazy Eye[link]Rock Band 2
1989'80sSkid Row18 and Life[link]Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s
2007'00sSlashGuitar Battle vs. Slash[link]Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
1986'80sSlayerRaining Blood[link]Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
1986'80sSlayerRaining Blood[link]Guitar Hero: Smash Hits - Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
1990'90sSlayerWar Ensemble[link]Guitar Hero: Metallica
2004'00sSlipknotBefore I Forget[link]Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
2008'00sSnow PatrolTake Back the City[link]Band Hero
1990'90sSocial DistortionStory of My Life[link]Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
1998'90sSocial DistortionMommy's Little Monster (Live)[link]Guitar Hero: Metallica
1990s'90sSocial DistortionI Was Wrong[link]Rock Band 2
1990'90sSonic YouthKool Thing[link]Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
2006'00sSonic YouthIncinerate[link]Guitar Hero 5
1980s'80sSonic YouthTeen Age Riot[link]Rock Band 2
1990s'90sSoundgardenBlack Hole Sun[link]Rock Band 1
1990s'90sSoundgardenSpoonman[link]Rock Band 2
2007'00sSpacehogIn the Meantime[link]Guitar Hero 5
2000s'00sSpeckConventional Lover[link]Rock Band 2
1996'90sSpice GirlsWannabe[link]Band Hero
1984'80sSpinal TapTonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight[link]Guitar Hero II
1970s'70sSqueezeCool for Cats[link]Rock Band 2
1972'70sSteely DanDo It Again[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
1970s'70sSteely DanBodhisattva[link]Rock Band 2
1973'70sSteve Miller BandThe Joker[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
1970s'70sSteve Miller BandRock'n Me[link]Rock Band 2
2007'00sSteve Ouimette (Inspired by The Charlie Daniels Band)The Devil Went Down to Georgia[link]Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
1983'80sStevie Ray VaughanPride and Joy[link]Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
1983'80sStevie Ray VaughanTexas Flood[link]Guitar Hero I
1972'70sStevie WonderSuperstition[link]Guitar Hero 5
2005'00sStingDemolition Man (Live)[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
1992'90sStone Temple PilotsSex Type Thing[link]Guitar Hero: Aerosmith
1996'90sStone Temple PilotsTrippin' on a Hole in a Paper Heart[link]Guitar Hero II
1996'90sStone Temple PilotsTrippin' on a Hole in a Paper Heart[link]Guitar Hero: Smash Hits - Guitar Hero II
1990s'90sStone Temple PilotsInterstate Love Song[link]Rock Band Track Pack Volume 1
1990s'90sStone Temple PilotsVasoline[link]Rock Band 1
1981'80sStray CatsRock This Town[link]Guitar Hero II
2003'00sStrong BadTrogdor[link]Guitar Hero II
2006'00sStuck in the SoundToy Boy[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
1983'80sStyxMr. Roboto[link]Band Hero
1996'90sSublimeSanteria[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
1996'90sSublimeWhat I Got[link]Guitar Hero 5
1983'80sSuicidal TendenciesInstitutionalized[link]Guitar Hero II
1990'90sSuicidal TendenciesWar Inside My Head[link]Guitar Hero: Metallica
2001'00sSum 41Fat Lip[link]Guitar Hero I
1994'90sSunny Day Real EstateSeven[link]Guitar Hero 5
2004'00sSuperbusRadio Song[link]Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
1982'80sSurvivorEye of the Tiger[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
1980s'80sSurvivorEye of the Tiger[link]Rock Band 2
1970s'70sSweetBallroom Blitz[link]Rock Band 1
2001'00sSystem of a DownToxicity[link]Guitar Hero: Metallica
2005'00sSystem of a DownB.Y.O.B.[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
2000s'00sSystem of a DownChop Suey[link]Rock Band 2
1973'70sT. Rex20th Century Boy[link]Guitar Hero 5
1970s'70sTalking HeadsPsycho Killer[link]Rock Band 2
2006'00sTaylor SwiftPicture to Burn[link]Band Hero
2008'00sTaylor SwiftLove Story (Pop Mix)[link]Band Hero
2008'00sTaylor SwiftYou Belong with Me[link]Band Hero
1975'70sTed NugentStranglehold[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
1977'70sTed NugentCat Scratch Fever[link]Guitar Hero: Aerosmith
2008'00sTed NugentTed Nugent Guitar Duel[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
2006'00sTenacious DMaster Exploder[link]Guitar Hero: Van Halen
2006'00sTenacious DThe Metal[link]Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
2000s'00sTenacious DMaster Exploder[link]Rock Band 2
1990s'90sTestamentSouls of Black[link]Rock Band 2
2006'00sThat Handsome DevilElephant Bones[link]Guitar Hero II
2000s'00sThat Handsome DevilRob the Prez-O-Dent[link]Rock Band 2
2005'00sThe Acro-BratsCallout[link]Guitar Hero I
2006'00sThe Acro-BratsLaughtrack[link]Guitar Hero II
2000s'00sThe Acro-BratsDay Late, Dollar Short[link]Rock Band 1
2000s'00sThe All-American RejectsMove Along[link]Rock Band Track Pack Volume 1
1973'70sThe Allman Brothers BandJessica[link]Guitar Hero II
1973'70sThe Allman Brothers BandRamblin' Man[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
1970s'70sThe Allman Brothers BandRamblin' Man[link]Rock Band 2
2000'00sThe Amazing CrownsMr. Fix It[link]Guitar Hero II
2005'00sThe AnswerNever Too Late[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
2005'00sThe BagsCaveman Rejoice[link]Guitar Hero I
1990'90sThe Black CrowesHard to Handle[link]Guitar Hero: Aerosmith
2007'00sThe BraveryBelieve[link]Band Hero
2006'00sThe Breaking WheelOne for the Road[link]Guitar Hero II
2008'00sThe BronxSix Days a Week[link]Guitar Hero 5
1993'90sThe Butthole SurfersWho Was in My Room Last Night?[link]Guitar Hero II
1970s'70sThe CarsJust What I Needed[link]Rock Band Track Pack Volume 2
1977'70sThe ClashComplete Control[link]Guitar Hero: Aerosmith
1978'70sThe ClashSafe European Home[link]Guitar Hero: Van Halen
1980s'80sThe ClashShould I Stay or Should I Go[link]Rock Band 1
1985'80sThe CultShe Sells Sanctuary[link]Guitar Hero: Aerosmith
1987'80sThe CultLove Removal Machine[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
1998'90sThe Derek Trucks BandYounk Funk[link]Guitar Hero 5
2002'00sThe DonnasTake it Off[link]Guitar Hero I
2002'00sThe DonnasTake It Off[link]Guitar Hero: Smash Hits - Guitar Hero I
2000s'00sThe DonnasNew Kid in School[link]Rock Band 2
1967'60sThe DoorsLove Me Two Times[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
2008'00sThe Duke SpiritSend a Little Love Token[link]Guitar Hero 5
1972'70sThe Edgar Winter GroupFrankenstein[link]Guitar Hero I
2007'00sThe EnemyAggro[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
2004'00sThe ExiesHey You[link]Guitar Hero I
2005'00sThe ExiesHey You[link]Guitar Hero: Smash Hits - Guitar Hero I
2005'00sThe Fall of TroyF.C.P.R.E.M.I.X.[link]Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
1981'80sThe Go-Go'sOur Lips Are Sealed[link]Band Hero
1982'80sThe Go-Go'sWe Got the Beat[link]Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s
1980s'80sThe Go-Go'sWe Got the Beat[link]Rock Band 2
1980s'80sThe Grateful DeadAlabama Getaway[link]Rock Band 2
1970'70sThe Guess WhoAmerican Woman[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
1970s'70sThe Guess WhoAmerican Woman[link]Rock Band 2
2000s'00sThe HivesDie, All Right![link]Rock Band Track Pack Volume 1
2000s'00sThe HivesMain Offender[link]Rock Band 1
1970'70sThe Jackson 5ABC[link]Band Hero
1967'60sThe Jimi Hendrix ExperienceSpanish Castle Magic[link]Guitar Hero I
1967'60sThe Jimi Hendrix ExperienceThe Wind Cries Mary[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
1968'60sThe Jimi Hendrix ExperiencePurple Haze (Live)[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
2006'00sThe KillersAll The Pretty Faces[link]Guitar Hero 5
2006'00sThe KillersWhen You Were Young[link]Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
2000s'00sThe KillersWhen You Were Young[link]Rock Band 1
1964'60sThe KinksAll Day and All of the Night[link]Guitar Hero: Aerosmith
2000s'00sThe Konks29 Fingers[link]Rock Band 1
2006'00sThe KooksNaïve[link]Band Hero
2007'00sThe Last GoodnightPictures of You[link]Band Hero
2006'00sThe Last VegasRaw Dog[link]Guitar Hero II
1998'90sThe Living EndPrisoner of Society[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
2000'00sThe Living EndCarry Me Home[link]Guitar Hero II
2000s'00sThe Main DragA Jagged Gorgeous Winter[link]Rock Band 2
2005'00sThe Mars VoltaL'Via L'Viaquez[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
1997'90sThe Mighty Mighty BosstonesThe Impression That I Get[link]Band Hero
2000s'00sThe Mighty Mighty BosstonesWhere'd You Go?[link]Rock Band 2
2005'00sThe Model SonsStory of My Love[link]Guitar Hero I
2000s'00sThe Mother HipsTime We Had[link]Rock Band 1
1990s'90sThe MuffsKids in America[link]Rock Band 2
2006'00sThe NeighborhoodsParasite[link]Guitar Hero II
2000s'00sThe New PornographersElectric Version[link]Rock Band 1
1998'90sThe OffspringPretty Fly (for a White Guy)[link]Guitar Hero: Van Halen
1990s'90sThe OffspringCome Out and Play (Keep 'Em Separated)[link]Rock Band 2
1970s'70sThe OutlawsGreen Grass and High Tides[link]Rock Band 1
1978'70sThe PoliceSo Lonely[link]Guitar Hero 5
1979'70sThe PoliceMessage in a Bottle[link]Guitar Hero II
1979'70sThe PoliceMessage in a Bottle[link]Guitar Hero: Smash Hits - Guitar Hero II
1983'80sThe PoliceSynchronicity II[link]Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s
1970s'70sThe PoliceMessage in a Bottle[link]Rock Band Track Pack Volume 2
1970s'70sThe PoliceNext to You[link]Rock Band 1
1980s'80sThe PoliceSynchronicity II[link]Rock Band Track Pack Volume 1
1980'80sThe PretendersTattooed Love Boys[link]Guitar Hero II
2006'00sThe RaconteursSteady, As She Goes[link]Guitar Hero 5
1980s'80sThe ReplacementsAlex Chilton[link]Rock Band 2
1966'60sThe Rolling StonesPaint It Black[link]Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
1968'60sThe Rolling StonesSympathy for the Devil[link]Guitar Hero 5
1969'60sThe Rolling StonesHonky Tonk Women[link]Band Hero
1971'70sThe Rolling StonesCan't You Hear Me Knockin'[link]Guitar Hero II
1960s'60sThe Rolling StonesGimme Shelter[link]Rock Band 1
1980'80sThe RomanticsWhat I Like About You[link]Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s
2006'00sThe SleepingDon't Hold Back[link]Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
2005'00sThe SlipEven Rats[link]Guitar Hero I
1990s'90sThe Smashing PumpkinsCherub Rock[link]Rock Band 1
1993'90sThe Smashing PumpkinsCherub Rock[link]Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
1993'90sThe Smashing PumpkinsToday[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
1995'90sThe Smashing PumpkinsBullet with Butterfly Wings[link]Guitar Hero 5
1990s'90sThe Smashing PumpkinsSiva[link]Rock Band Track Pack Volume 1
1990s'90sThe Smashing PumpkinsToday[link]Rock Band 2
1990s'90sThe Smashing PumpkinsZero[link]Rock Band Track Pack Volume 2
2000s'00sThe SternsSupreme Girl[link]Rock Band 2
1989'80sThe Stone RosesShe Bangs the Drums[link]Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
1994'90sThe Stone RosesLove Spreads[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
2003'00sThe StrokesReptilia[link]Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
2000s'00sThe StrokesReptilia[link]Rock Band 1
2006'00sThe SwordFreya[link]Guitar Hero II
2006'00sThe SwordFreya[link]Guitar Hero: Smash Hits - Guitar Hero II
2008'00sThe SwordMaiden, Mother & Crone[link]Guitar Hero 5
2008'00sThe SwordThe Black River[link]Guitar Hero: Metallica
1967'60sThe TurtlesHappy Together[link]Band Hero
2000'00sThe Upper CrustEureka, I've Found Love[link]Guitar Hero I
1980'80sThe VaporsTurning Japanese[link]Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s
2005'00sThe White StripesBlue Orchid[link]Guitar Hero 5
1970'70sThe WhoThe Seeker[link]Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
1960s'60sThe WhoPinball Wizard[link]Rock Band 2
1970s'70sThe WhoWon't Get Fooled Again[link]Rock Band 1
1976'70sThin LizzyJailbreak[link]Guitar Hero 5
1976'70sThin LizzyThe Boys Are Back in Town[link]Guitar Hero: Metallica
1977'70sThin LizzyBad Reputation[link]Guitar Hero II
1997'90sThird Eye BlindSemi-Charmed Life[link]Guitar Hero: Van Halen
2005'00sThirty Seconds to MarsThe Kill[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
2000s'00sThirty Seconds to MarsThe Kill[link]Rock Band Track Pack Volume 1
2002'00sThriceDeadbolt[link]Guitar Hero 5
2000s'00sTimmy and the Lords of the UnderworldTimmy and the Lords of the Underworld[link]Rock Band 1
2005'00sTokio HotelMonsoon[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
2007'00sTom MorelloGuitar Battle vs. Tom Morello[link]Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
1989'80sTom PettyRunnin' Down a Dream[link]Guitar Hero 5
1976'70sTom Petty and the HeartbreakersAmerican Girl[link]Guitar Hero 5
1996'90sTonicIf You Could Only See[link]Band Hero
2001'00sToolSchism[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
2002'00sToolParabola[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
2006'00sToolVicarious[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
1990s'90sTribeOutside[link]Rock Band 1
1980'80sTrustAntisocial[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
2006'00sTV on the RadioWolf Like Me[link]Guitar Hero 5
1984'80sTwisted SisterI Wanna Rock[link]Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s
1984'80sTwisted SisterI Wanna Rock[link]Guitar Hero: Smash Hits - Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s
2006'00sVagiantFTK[link]Guitar Hero II
2000s'00sVagiantSeven[link]Rock Band 1
2006'00sValient ThorrFall of Pangea[link]Guitar Hero II
2008'00sVampire WeekendA-Punk[link]Guitar Hero 5
1978'70sVan HalenAin't Talkin' 'Bout Love[link]Guitar Hero: Van Halen
1978'70sVan HalenAtomic Punk[link]Guitar Hero: Van Halen
1978'70sVan HalenEruption[link]Guitar Hero: Van Halen
1978'70sVan HalenFeel Your Love Tonight[link]Guitar Hero: Van Halen
1978'70sVan HalenI'm the One[link]Guitar Hero: Van Halen
1978'70sVan HalenIce Cream Man[link]Guitar Hero: Van Halen
1978'70sVan HalenJamie's Cryin'[link]Guitar Hero: Van Halen
1978'70sVan HalenRunnin' with the Devil[link]Guitar Hero: Van Halen
1978'70sVan HalenYou Really Got Me[link]Guitar Hero II
1978'70sVan HalenYou Really Got Me[link]Guitar Hero: Van Halen
1979'70sVan HalenBeautiful Girls[link]Guitar Hero: Van Halen
1979'70sVan HalenDance the Night Away[link]Guitar Hero: Van Halen
1979'70sVan HalenSomebody Get Me a Doctor[link]Guitar Hero: Van Halen
1979'70sVan HalenSpanish Fly[link]Guitar Hero: Van Halen
1980'80sVan HalenAnd the Cradle Will Rock...[link]Guitar Hero: Van Halen
1980'80sVan HalenEverybody Wants Some!![link]Guitar Hero: Van Halen
1980'80sVan HalenLoss of Control[link]Guitar Hero: Van Halen
1980'80sVan HalenRomeo Delight[link]Guitar Hero: Van Halen
1981'80sVan HalenHear About It Later[link]Guitar Hero: Van Halen
1981'80sVan HalenMean Street[link]Guitar Hero: Van Halen
1981'80sVan HalenSo This Is Love?[link]Guitar Hero: Van Halen
1981'80sVan HalenUnchained[link]Guitar Hero: Van Halen
1982'80sVan HalenCathedral[link]Guitar Hero: Van Halen
1982'80sVan HalenHang 'Em High[link]Guitar Hero: Van Halen
1982'80sVan HalenIntruder/(Oh) Pretty Woman[link]Guitar Hero: Van Halen
1982'80sVan HalenLittle Guitars[link]Guitar Hero: Van Halen
1984'80sVan HalenHot for Teacher[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
1984'80sVan HalenHot for Teacher[link]Guitar Hero: Van Halen
1984'80sVan HalenJump[link]Guitar Hero: Van Halen
1984'80sVan HalenPanama[link]Guitar Hero: Van Halen
1978'70sVillage PeopleY.M.C.A.[link]Band Hero
2006'00sVoivodX-Stream[link]Guitar Hero II
1990'90sWarrantCherry Pie[link]Guitar Hero II
1990'90sWarrantCherry Pie[link]Guitar Hero: Smash Hits - Guitar Hero II
1994'90sWeezerMy Name Is Jonas[link]Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
1996'90sWeezerWhy Bother?[link]Guitar Hero 5
2002'00sWeezerDope Nose[link]Guitar Hero: Van Halen
1990s'90sWeezerBuddy Holly[link]Rock Band Track Pack Volume 1
1990s'90sWeezerEl Scorcho[link]Rock Band Track Pack Volume 2
1990s'90sWeezerSay It Ain't So[link]Rock Band 1
1989'80sWhite LionRadar Love[link]Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s
1992'90sWhite ZombieBlack Sunshine[link]Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
1992'90sWhite ZombieThunder Kiss '65[link]Guitar Hero I
1992'90sWhite ZombieThunder Kiss '65[link]Guitar Hero: Smash Hits - Guitar Hero I
1976'70sWild CherryPlay That Funky Music[link]Guitar Hero 5
1980'80sWillie NelsonOn the Road Again (Live)[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
1988'80sWingerSeventeen[link]Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s
1973'70sWingsBand on the Run[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
2006'00sWolfmotherWoman[link]Guitar Hero II
2006'00sWolfmotherWoman[link]Guitar Hero: Smash Hits - Guitar Hero II
2009'00sWolfmotherBack Round[link]Guitar Hero 5
2000s'00sWolfmotherJoker & the Thief[link]Rock Band Track Pack Volume 1
1980'80sXLos Angeles[link]Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s
2000s'00sYeah Yeah YeahsMaps[link]Rock Band 1
2003'00sYellowcardOcean Avenue[link]Band Hero
2007'00sYellowcardThe Takedown[link]Guitar Hero: Van Halen
2008'00sZakk WyldeZakk Wylde Guitar Duel[link]Guitar Hero World Tour
1973'70sZZ TopLa Grange[link]Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
1983'80sZZ TopSharp Dressed Man[link]Guitar Hero I