Pushee’s Quest (series)

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Pushee’s Quest (also known as PQ1) is a game I programmed in high school on the TI-84 Plus graphing calculator. It is the first entry in the Pushee’s Quest series of games. A few years later I remade it in HTML5 using Phaser.

  • Pushee’s Quest on GitHub
  • Play the first level
  • Play a level created by the random level generator
  • The level creation tool

    You control Pushee (blue square) with the arrow keys, or by swiping in any direction for touch screen devices. Your goal is to reach the exit (red square) while covering every spot of the board exactly once.

  • No backtracking is possible.
  • Touching the exit while there are white squares remaining will reset the stage.
  • You can loop around the edges of the screen, warping to the opposite side.
  • Pressing R will restart the level. (Three finger press on touchscreens with multitouch.)
  • Press P to switch between the game and level editor. (Four finger press on touchscreens with multitouch.)

  • Pushee’s Quest 2: Deathmatch was a turn-based multiplayer sequel to Pushee’s Quest. Like the first game, it was programmed in high school on my TI-84 Plus. Sadly, this game would never be remade, and the original program file has been lost. 🙁

    Pushee’s Quest 5: Push Over is a game exclusive to the TI-84 Plus calculator. Inspired by a flash game (YouTube) I used to play on CoolMath4Kids, this was intended to be a puzzle game where your player character is a block twice as tall as it is long. You travel end over end trying to orient yourself in a way that let’s you approach the exit in an upright position.

    I completed the programming of this game but never created any levels for it. Though it is fully functional and technically playable.

    Four of five of the original Pushee’s Quest games are available in their original form, as programmed on my calculator.

    Pushee’s Quest 2: Deathmatch unfortunately has been lost, and as far as I am aware there are no copies left. (Unless one of my friends from high school kept their copy.)

    The other four games are available in a ZIP archive here. The archive contains four separate (.8xp) files, each one a different game. You can transfer any of those files to your TI-84 Plus calculator with the use of a link cable and Texas Instruments’ free TI Connect software.